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To all my lovely customer,i'm sorry to inform that my blog is currently in incomplete state due to some technical issue occurred few days ago,where all the pictures in my blog had vanished.

I'm currently working on this by recovering all the pictures from my PC.And my blog will be up again as soon as i managed to resolve the problem. **finger crossed**

If you would like to place an order or if you have any enquirie kindly drop an email to me.Thousand of apologies for any inconvenience cause.

Email : jaszs.info@yahoo.com

About Jasz's

Welcome to Jasz's Jewelry Box. :)
Some of the jewelry here are imported and some are handmade.All crafted using the finest materials.

This amazing jewelry is very nice and unique piece of glass art work.This is also a good gift for someone special to cater various occasions from birthday,anniversaries to seasonal festivals.

I can also custom-design accessories and packaging according to your colour preference!

If you are happy with my service and purchase please leave me a feedback ;p Your feedback is highly appreciated.

"If you did not get my reply within 24 hours please leave me a message at the tag board, thanks! "

*There will be no repeatation on the customized pieces. Please email me for further details if you really interested on it (I might make it into something similar or different colour).

*For those ready made items that are labelled "sold" or "reserved", drop me a message for a further discussion (I can reproduce the item, depending on the resources I still have).

Thank you very much!!
Love, ~Jassy
Email : jassy_pmt@hotmail.com
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